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I decided it would be nice to have a permanent home for my Technics 1200s, especially since I snagged another set off Ebay for a great price. This way I can keep my custom set

(complements of packed up and ready for gigs.

I checked out a couple of YouTube videos and browsed through a few IKEA Hacker sites to get some ideas.

IKEA shopping list:

1- Kallax Bookcase

1- Linnmon Table Top

1 - Ekby Jarpen shelf

1 - Capita 6" 4/pack legs

1 - Capita Brackets 2/pack

1 - BJÄRNUM Folding Bracket

Extra 2" x 3/8 hex bolts w/nuts and washers from the hardware store


Drill - Butterfly bit


T-square ruler


Sharpee (used silver for dark wood)

Step 1

Assemble Kallax bookcase and lay it horizontally

Remove the base of the Capita legs and drill a hole for the 2" hex bolts(these will anchor the legs to the Kallax)

Measure center points to help align Capita legs

Drill holes in Kallax

Attach legs to Linnmon..adjust height as needed

Attach Capita plastic caps with bolts to the Kallax

Set Linnmon with attached Capita legs into Capita plastic caps

Step 2

The Ekby Jarpen shelf is the same size as the Linnmon table top, so measuring and aligning the brackets is simple.

Attach Capita brackets to the underside of Ekby Jarpen shelf(the screws are longer than the depth of the shelf so they will show a little)

Drill holes in Linnmon table top for Capita bolts

Bolt Capita brackets to Linnmon table

All done!

I also purchased 2 Billy bookcase and another Linnmon desktop to build a working space where I can keep attach a 22" monitor, controllers, drum pads and other stuff.

Of course I had to test out the stability

Using IKEA parts and some creativity there are tons of inexpensive options that you can use to build a nice DJ sanctuary.

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